Peanut Milk


1 cup unsalted peanut

Brown sugar – 2 tblspn

Dates – 2 (optional)

cardamom powder – 1 tspn (optional)



1. Roast the unsalted peanuts in a pan for two to three minutes. Once it cools down remove the skin.

2. In a mixer add roasted peanuts, half cup water, dates and grind them well.

3. Strain the mixer using cheesecloth, we will get a thick milk.

4. Add the milk to the pan bring it to boil for a minute . Now add cardamom powder,  brown sugar and bring them to boil for two minutes.

5. Pour them to a glass and serve hot or even you can refrigerate them and can have chill.Its a wonderful healthy drink for kids and body builders.